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A building automation server includes a memory, a communication interface and a controller that is coupled to the memory and the communication interface. The memory is for storing a database comprising a plurality of user accounts, wherein each user account includes an associated building location of a building, an associated geofence defined relative to the building location, and one or more group member ID's, wherein each of the one or more group member ID's is associated with a corresponding mobile device with location services, and each user account identifies a geofence status for each of the one or more group member ID's, where the geofence status indicates whether the corresponding mobile device for each of the one or more group member ID is within the geofence associated with the user account or outside of the geofence.

Multi-user geofencing for building automation
Application Number
Publication Number
9900174 (B2)
Application Date
March 6, 2015
Publication Date
February 20, 2018
Rudolph Gamberini
East Northport
Seager Tufte & Wickhem
Honeywell International
G05B 15/02
H04W 4/02
H04L 12/28
G01M 1/38
G05D 23/00
G05B 21/00
G05B 15/00
G05B 13/00
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