09809011 cites 36 patents.

A planar article in the form of a thin strip is shown. The article, comprising a fabric and a polymer, can be formed into a variety of shapes. A hollow profile made from the article by forming a seam using opposing edges of the strip to enclose a volume. A thermoplastic extrusion formed composite structural member and method for making is disclosed. In one embodiment, the composite structural member includes a first web made from a first material and a first resin, a second web made from a second material different from the first material, a third web made from a third material and a third resin, and a fourth web made from a fourth material.

Composite fabric member and methods
Application Number
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9809011 (B1)
Application Date
June 10, 2015
Publication Date
November 7, 2017
Giuseppe Puppin
Fred C Morgan
Mark J DiPietro
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B32B 27/12
D04H 11/00
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E06B 7/16
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