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A novel integrated rectifier and boost converter circuit architecture is disclosed. The rectifier architecture includes a plurality of identical half-bridge rectifiers connected to receiving antennas to convert wireless AC power into DC power. The integrated rectifier may be coupled in series with a charging inductor in a boost converter. The inductor may discharge upon operation of two micro-controller-driven switching transistors using predetermined threshold and timing scheme to turn on/off. The rectifier architecture may provide high power densities, improve efficiency at larger load currents, and may be enabled in an integrated circuit with eight RF signal inputs, eight half-bridge rectifiers, and eight DC outputs ganged together as single feed into the boost converter. The rectifier circuit topology may include a comparator driven by the boost controller with a proprietary algorithm which suits control for a maximum power point tracking functionality, and an external micro-controller for additional control of the boost converter.

Integrated rectifier and boost converter for wireless power transmission
Application Number
Publication Number
9806564 (B2)
Application Date
May 7, 2014
Publication Date
October 31, 2017
Michael Leabman
San Ramon
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Energous Corporation
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