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An enhanced transmitter for wireless power transmission is disclosed. The transmitter may be able to transmit radio frequency (RF) waves or pockets of energy for charging or powering an electronic device. The transmitter may include antenna element arrangements for receiving RF waves from a plurality of wireless sources and process them using a dedicated RF integrated circuit (RFIC) and set of antenna elements for receiving RF input signals from a plurality of wireless power sources. A digital signal processor (DSP) may be used to control reception using the dedicated RFIC and antenna elements of reception and to control transmission of wireless power selecting the transmitting RFICs and configuration of antenna elements to send RF waves or pockets of energy to a wireless receiver. The frequency of RF waves received may be sampled through a down converter array and line addressing devices to send the signals received to a micro-controller including a proprietary algorithm which control switching and processing necessary for faster and enhanced wireless power transmission, thus improving transmission efficiency.

Enhanced transmitter using frequency control for wireless power transmission
Application Number
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9793758 (B2)
Application Date
May 23, 2014
Publication Date
October 17, 2017
Michael Leabman
San Ramon
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Energous Corporation
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H02J 50/20
H02J 7/02
H02J 17/00
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