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An optical chemical test system and method detects information from areas of a chemical test component in the field of view of a color camera. The chemical test component can be a card or a strip and has a color change test area that changes in appearance when subjected to a target chemical in solution, which changes are detected by the color camera and used by an electronic control device to calculate a concentration value for the target chemical. Other areas of the chemical test component, when provided, calibrate the concentration value by providing further data that is recognized by the color camera and used by the electronic control device for calibration. The chemical test component can include features such as one or more indicia or locations for optical coding, card or strip identifiers and authenticators, one or more reference color areas and one or more reference white areas. Also, a color changing indicator can be provided for liquid temperature monitoring and determining whether or not a sample falls within an acceptable temperature range and/or for adjusting the displayed concentration to compensate for color shifts caused by variation in the fluid temperature. A housing system, when provided, facilitates use of controlled illumination in place of ambient illumination. The system and method are suitable for incorporation into a dishwashing machine for sanitation monitoring.

Optical chemical test systems and methods
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9651534 (B1)
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December 2, 2015
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May 16, 2017
David A Uhen
Brian Ehlert
Lake Geneva
Cook Alex
Sani Hawk Optical Solutions
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