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A semiconductor memory cell, semiconductor memory devices comprising a plurality of the semiconductor memory cells, and methods of using the semiconductor memory cell and devices are described. A semiconductor memory cell includes a substrate having a first conductivity type; a first region embedded in the substrate at a first location of the substrate and having a second conductivity type; a second region embedded in the substrate at a second location of the substrate and have the second conductivity type, such that at least a portion of the substrate having the first conductivity type is located between the first and second locations and functions as a floating body to store data in volatile memory; a trapping layer positioned in between the first and second locations and above a surface of the substrate; the trapping layer comprising first and second storage locations being configured to store data as nonvolatile memory independently of one another; and a control gate positioned above the trapping layer.

Semiconductor memory having volatile and multi-bit non-volatile functionality and method of operating
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9646693 (B2)
Application Date
December 22, 2015
Publication Date
May 9, 2017
Yuniarto Widjaja
San Jose
Alan W Cannon
Zeno Semiconductor
G11C 16/04
G11C 11/56
H01L 29/78
H01L 27/115
H01L 27/108
H01L 27/105
G11C 14/00
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