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An LED tube lamp is disclosed. The LED tube lamp includes a tube, a terminal adapter circuit, a first rectifying circuit, a filtering circuit, an LED lighting module and an anti-flickering circuit. The tube has a first pin and a second pin for receiving an external driving signal. The terminal adapter circuit has two fuses respectively coupled to the first and second pins. The first rectifying circuit is coupled to the first and second pins for rectifying the external driving signal to generate a rectified signal. The filtering circuit is coupled to the first rectifying circuit for filtering the rectified signal to generate a filtered signal. The LED lighting module is coupled to the filtering circuit and the LED lighting module having an LED module, wherein the LED lighting module is configured to receive the filtered signal and generate a driving signal, and the LED module receives the driving signal and emits light. The anti-flickering circuit is coupled between the filtering circuit and the LED lighting module, and a current higher than a set anti-flickering current flows the anti-flickering circuit when a peak value of the filtered signal is higher than a minimum conduction voltage of the LED module.

LED tube lamp
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9629215 (B2)
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March 10, 2016
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April 18, 2017
Qifeng Ye
Hechen Hu
Aiming Xiong
Muir Patent Law PLLC
Jiaxing Super Lighting Electric Appliance
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