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A multi level rack apparatus for holding elongated items upright for storage includes a rack frame having an “X” shaped profile defined by four arms which extend out from a center portion. A structural exterior is formed from a top support level, an side wall, and a base support level, and extends across each of the arms. Disposed inside the rack frame is a lower support level which is parallel to and positioned between the top support level and base support level and a vertical support post which helps maintain the relative position of the support levels from the center portion. A plurality of sets of holding sections are disposed in each of the support levels, with each set aligned between the support levels such that an elongated item can be held upright in place by one set of holding sections.

Multi level rack apparatus having intersecting arms
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9615661 (B1)
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August 9, 2016
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April 11, 2017
Steven Hildebrand
The Keys Law Firm PLLC
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