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Methods and systems for messaging, calling, and one blink, one-touch, and one gesture payments and buying via mobile and wearable devices are disclosed. An exemplary system comprises a database in communication with a processor, the processor configured to provide a haptic control associated with the system. The haptic control is shown on a display of a mobile and wearable device overlapping other visual elements. The haptic control provides mode selection elements associated with a payment, messaging, and calling modes. The processor receives a selection of the payment mode via the mode selection elements from a user. Upon the selection, context is extracted from the display. Based on the context, a payment transaction type which the user intends to perform is determined. The payment transaction type includes a payment receiving transaction and a payment sending transaction. Based on the determining, a transaction request is sent to a financial institution using the extraction.

One gesture, one blink, and one-touch payment and buying using haptic control via messaging and calling multimedia system on mobile and wearable device, currency token interface, point of sale device, and electronic payment card
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9576285 (B2)
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May 31, 2016
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February 21, 2017
Dylan T X Zhou
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Steven A Nielsen
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