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A media player device and method for receiving and playing a playlist is provided. The device has a transceiver to wirelessly send and receive communication, a memory, a control system connected to the memory and the transceiver, and at least one speaker to play the plurality of songs. The control system and method receive a command to log into an account before receiving a playlist, receive and display the playlist identifying a plurality of songs in a menu with context sensitive icons representing different functions, receive and display information associated with an artist from a currently playing song of the plurality of songs in the playlist, receive and display information on a related song that is from a genre similar to that of one of the currently playing song, and receive and display advertising. The method provides for the speaker to play the plurality of songs.

Method and device for displaying supplemental information while rendering a playlist
Application Number
Publication Number
9552188 (B1)
Application Date
April 18, 2014
Publication Date
January 24, 2017
Daniel D Sheppard
Safi Qureshey
Santa Ana
Black Hills Media
G06F 3/16
H04N 5/445
G06F 15/16
H05K 11/00
H04B 1/06
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