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A method to improve the safety and comfort of an ultra large marine floating system is provided. The ultra large marine floating system has a length of 350 to 550 m, a width of 45 to 80 m, and a depth of 25 to 35 m. The ultra large marine floating system has a tank zone and a plant zone that are visibly separated from one another. Additionally, the tank zone has LNG storage tanks, self-supporting spherical (MOSS type) tanks, a membrane tank arranged in a hold, and the plant zone includes a liquefied natural gas plant.

Ultra large marine floating system
Application Number
Publication Number
9545980 (B2)
Application Date
July 3, 2014
Publication Date
January 17, 2017
Nobuyoshi Morimoto
Muncy Geissler Olds & Lowe P C
B63B 25/08
B63B 25/16
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