09528541 cites 21 patents.

A holder in particular for fastening a lining, for at least partially casting into a concrete element which is cast using a formwork, wherein the holder is aligned by an outer surface with the surface of the concrete element pointing towards the formwork, in particular for use in tunnel-building and engineering construction. The holder for casting into a concrete element is made available which can be handled simply for preparation purposes and during the concreting operation and using which a lining can be fastened simply to the concrete element. This is achieved in that a fastening device for releasably fastening the holder to the formwork is provided, wherein the fastening device has a holding part interacting with the formwork and a clamping element arranged on the outer surface of the holder, wherein the clamping element interacts with the holding part.

Holder for casting into a concrete element
Application Number
Publication Number
9528541 (B2)
Application Date
October 5, 2012
Publication Date
December 27, 2016
Ludwig Meese
Bergisch Gladbach
Brooks Kushman P C
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E21D 11/38
E21D 11/10
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F16B 39/02
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