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A process of determining the depth of a pocket in a woven fabric. A representation is formed of a portion of a surface of the woven fabric to provide a fabric representation showing at least one of (i) at least one of locations and sizes of knuckles that are a part of the surface of the fabric and (ii) at least one of locations and sizes of pockets that are formed in areas between the knuckles. Particular knuckles are identified that surround a particular pocket. A path is determined in the fabric representation that passes from a first of the knuckles across the particular pocket to a second of the knuckles. The fabric is scanned using a measurement device along a line that corresponds to the determined path. A depth of the particular pocket is determined, to which cellulosic fibers can penetrate in a papermaking process, based on the scan.

Apparatus, system, and process for determining characteristics of a surface of a papermaking fabric
Application Number
Publication Number
9443301 (B2)
Application Date
April 2, 2015
Publication Date
September 13, 2016
Daniel H Sze
Laura L Bozek
Georgia Pacific Consumer Products
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D21F 7/08
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D21F 7/06
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