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Methods and systems for updating memory content in a mobile client are disclosed. For example, an exemplary method includes maintaining a list of first attributes relating to a set of first messages on the mobile client, wherein each of the set of first messages resides on the mobile client, maintaining a list of second attributes relating to set of second messages on the mobile client, wherein each of the set of second messages does not reside on the mobile client, identifying target attributes associated with a message request by the mobile client, selecting by the mobile client a selected message from one of the set of first messages and the set of second messages by applying a set of selection rules to the target attributes, and in the situation where a second message is selected, requesting the selected second message from a remote server using a wireless link.

Method and system for multi-level distribution information cache management in a mobile environment
Application Number
Publication Number
9391789 (B2)
Application Date
December 11, 2008
Publication Date
July 12, 2016
Dilip Krishnaswamy
Del Mar
Charles E Eggers
Nicholas A Cole
QUALCOMM Incorporated
H04L 29/08
H04L 12/58
G06Q 30/02
G06Q 20/38
G06Q 20/20
G06Q 10/10
H04L 12/18
G06Q 30/00
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