09383505 cites 9 patents.

A LCD illuminator (20), when energized, emits light which impinges upon an input surface of a light pipe included in a LCD module (54). The LCD illuminator (20) includes a thermally-conductive housing (22) to which a thin, thermally conductive printed circuit board (“PCB”) (32) is mechanically and thermally bonded. The PCB (32) has an array of LED die (34) mounted thereon that face away from the thermally conductive housing (22). A layer of thermal interface material (56) interposed between an outer surface of the thermally conductive housing (22) and the LCD module (54) facilitates conducting heat generated by the LED die (34) out of the LCD module (54). Also disclosed is an improved LCD module (54) that includes the disclosed LCD illuminator (22).

High output LED based illuminator that replaces CCFLS for LCD backlights
Application Number
Publication Number
9383505 (B2)
Application Date
November 15, 2007
Publication Date
July 5, 2016
Kevin J Hathaway
Donald E Schreiber
G02F 1/1335
F21V 8/00
G02F 1/13357
G02B 6/00
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