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A system and method of operating a filesystem for managing filesystem objects is disclosed. The filesystem objects are characterized by metadata parameters included in a global directory object arranged in a plurality of global directory object (GDO) pages. Responsive to receiving a request for creating a new filesystem object, a parent key is obtained. The parent key is indicative of an identifier of a direct parent directory requested for hosting the new filesystem object. A target page that corresponds to the parent key is located within the plurality of GDO pages. The target page further includes a direct parent directory metadata record associated with the direct parent key and includes metadata parameters related to the direct parent directory. An object key is created as corresponding to the same target page, thereby enabling accommodation of an object metadata record, related to the new filesystem object, on the target page.

System and method for managing filesystem objects
Application Number
Publication Number
9317511 (B2)
Application Date
June 19, 2012
Publication Date
April 19, 2016
Arnon Kanfi
Tel Aviv
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G06F 17/30
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