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The present invention is directed to a tactical accessory mount and aiming system, which may be magnetically secured to the slide of a pistol. The tactical accessory mount may have a longitudinal axis. The tactical accessory mount further may include a first wall substantially aligned with the longitudinal axis, a second wall spaced from the first wall, and a third wall disposed between the first and second walls. The third wall may include an inner surface with a first opening and a magnet disposed in the first opening. The inner surface and magnet may form a substantially planar surface. The first, second and third walls may form a three sided compartment which is configured and dimensioned to be slidably received on a pistol slide. The substantially planar surface may be positioned to magnetically adhere to the pistol slide and secure the tactical accessory mount to the pistol slide.

Tactical accessory mount, aiming device, and method for securing a tactical accessory to a pistol
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9267759 (B2)
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January 11, 2013
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February 23, 2016
Walter Speroni
Villa Carlos Paz
Law Office of Arthur M Antonelli PLLC
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