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A full-duplex transceiver is provided with componentry and methods for cancellation of nonlinear self-interference signals. The transceiver is capable of receiving an incoming radio-frequency signal that includes both a desired radio-frequency signal component and a self-interference component caused by the transceiver's own radio-frequency transmission. The transceiver demodulates the incoming radio-frequency signal to generate a first demodulated signal. The transceiver combines an analog corrective signal with the first demodulated signal to generate a second demodulated signal with reduced self-interference. The transceiver processes the first and second demodulated signals to determine a desired incoming baseband signal and to determine nonlinear components of the self-interference signal, such as nonlinearities introduced by the transceiver's power amplifier.

Wireless full-duplex system and method using sideband test signals
Application Number
Publication Number
9236996 (B2)
Application Date
June 10, 2014
Publication Date
January 12, 2016
Amir Keyvan Khandani
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H04L 1/00
H04L 5/14
H04B 7/005
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