09228727 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 111 patents.

An elongate tubular lighting assembly having a body with a length between spaced first and second ends. The tubular lighting assembly has a source of illumination and first and second connectors respectively at the first and second body ends. The first connector has cooperating first and second parts having first and second surfaces. The first and second connector parts are configured so that the first and second surfaces are placed in confronting relationship to prevent separation of the first and second connector parts with the body in an operative state as an incident of the first connector part moving relative to the second connector part from a position fully separated from the second connector part in a substantially straight path that is transverse to the length of the body into an engaged position.

Lighting assembly
Application Number
Publication Number
9228727 (B2)
Application Date
April 18, 2014
Publication Date
January 5, 2016
Michael W May
Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
F21V 29/70
F21V 21/005
F21V 5/04
F21S 8/04
F21V 19/00
F21K 99/00
F21V 29/00
F21V 9/00
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