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Among other things, we describe a reality alternative to our physical reality, named the Expandaverse, that includes multiple digital realities that may be continuously created, broadcast, accessed, and used interactively. In what we call an Alternate Reality Teleportal Machine (ARTPM), some elements of the digital reality(ies) can be implemented using and providing functions that include: devices, architectures, processing, sensors, translation, speech recognition, remote controls, subsidiary devices usage, virtual Teleportals on alternate devices, presence, shared planetary life spaces, constructed digital realities, reality replacements, filtered views, data retrieval in constructed views, alternate realities machine(s), multiple identities, directories, controlled boundaries, life space metrics, boundaries switching, property protection, publishing/broadcasting, digital events, events location/joining, revenues, utility(ies), infrastructure, services, devices management, business systems, applications, consistent customizable user interface, active knowledge, optimizations, alerts, reporting, dashboards, switching to “best”, marketing and sales systems, improvement systems, user chosen goals, user management, governances, digital freedom from dictatorships, photography, and entertainment.

Reality alternate
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9183560 (B2)
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May 24, 2011
Publication Date
November 10, 2015
Daniel H Abelow
Fish & Richardson P C
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