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Passenger conveyors with auxiliary brake systems are disclosed. The passenger conveyors include a truss that rotatably supports a loop sprocket at one end and a turnaround at an opposite end with an endless loop extending around the loop sprocket and the turnaround. The loop includes a plurality of rollers linked together. The truss is also coupled to a brake bar that has a braking surface, a downstream end and an upstream end. The brake bar is suspended above and biased towards the loop sprocket with the downstream end of the brake bar disposed a greater distance from the loop than the upstream end of the brake bar. A friction bar, which includes a first side that mateably engages the loop when placed onto the loop, is also provided that includes a top. The friction bar is suspended above the loop by an actuator, which is linked to a controller. The controller sends a signal to the actuator to place the first side of the friction bar onto a section of the loop as the section of the loop passes beneath the downstream end of the brake bar. As the friction bar passes between the loop and the brake bar, frictional engagement between the flat side of the friction bar and the braking surface of the brake bar brakes, impedes the movement of or simply stops the loop.

Auxiliary brakes for passenger conveyors
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9126810 (B2)
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January 30, 2012
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September 8, 2015
Gero Gschwendtner
Miller Matthias & Hull
Otis Elevator Company
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