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A data storage device is disclosed comprising a plurality of disk surfaces, and a head actuated over each disk surface. For each disk surface, a quality metric is measured at a plurality of discrete areal densities including a first areal density comprising a first radial density and a first linear density, and a second areal density comprising a second radial density different from the first radial density and a second linear density different from the first linear density. Based on a target capacity, an areal density is selected for each disk surface such that the combined areal densities satisfies the target capacity and such that the quality metrics across the disk surfaces are substantially equal and substantially maximized.

Data storage device balancing and maximizing quality metric when configuring arial density of each disk surface
Application Number
Publication Number
9082458 (B1)
Application Date
March 10, 2014
Publication Date
July 14, 2015
Kathy X Tang
San Jose
Western Digital Technologies
G11B 20/10
G11B 20/12
G11B 27/36
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