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A credit card reader shields a credit card, stores data from one or more credit cards simultaneously and then selectively broadcasts data associated with one of the cards. A slim, electromagnetically shielding housing has a cavity and a card reader for reading data from a credit card received in the cavity. A processor connects the card reader to a memory component, and connects both to an RFID device, where the credit card data can be broadcast to an RFID reader. A control interface allows a user to initiate reading credit card data, to select a card data set to store in memory, or to broadcast a dataset. A display shows transaction information and stored card data. A retractable input/output plug can engage a socket on another device to transmit and receive data. A memory card device can selectively store credit card data and transaction data.

Multi-purpose credit card reader apparatus
Application Number
Publication Number
9016570 (B1)
Application Date
April 18, 2014
Publication Date
April 28, 2015
Adrian Gluck
Beverly Hills
Barlow Josephs & Holmes
G06Q 20/34
G06K 7/08
G06K 7/00
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