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The invention relates to systems and methods of selecting and placing real-world wagers responsive to one or more wager triggers, obtaining outcomes of the real-world wagers, facilitating user interactions with various interactive media, and revealing the outcomes of the real-world wagers through the interactive media to give an appearance that the outcomes of the real-world wagers resulted from the user interactions. The system may leverage the foregoing features to provide wager-enabled promotions. For example, a promotion such as an advertisement may be wager-enabled such that selecting the advertisement provides an opportunity to place a wager. An outcome of the wager may be predefined and based on an outcome of a real-world wager that was already determined. Thus, the user may be given the impression that the outcome of the real-world wager resulted from interaction with the promotion.

System and method of providing wagering opportunities based on promotional content
Application Number
Publication Number
8961300 (B2)
Application Date
March 13, 2014
Publication Date
February 24, 2015
Russell M Fine
Los Angeles
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Game Play Network
A63F 13/00
G07F 17/32
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