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In a gap-mode waveguide embodiment, an interior gap in a tubular waveguide principally condenses a dominant gap mode near the interior gap, and an absorber dissipates electromagnetic energy away from the gap mode. In this manner, the gap mode may dissipate relatively little power in the absorber compared to other modes and propagate with lesser attenuation than all other modes. A gap mode launched into a gap-mode waveguide may provide for low-loss, low-dispersion propagation of signals over a bandwidth including a multimode range of the waveguide. Gap-mode waveguide embodiments of various forms may be used to build guided-wave circuits covering broad bandwidths extending to terahertz frequencies.

Gap-mode waveguide
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8952678 (B2)
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November 21, 2011
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February 10, 2015
Kirk S Giboney
Santa Rosa
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