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The invention relates to an apparatus and to a method for the industrial production of elastically deformable large-surface-area glass plates in high quantities, comprising the following characteristics: a) a device for feeding a glass plate (3), b) a device for providing the surface of the glass plate (3) with initial damage in the region of the desired breaking line, c) a device for the locally limited heating of the glass surface by way of a laser beam moving on a straight line in a fan-shaped pivoting manner, d) a device for cooling the glass surface, wherein a controllable cooling nozzle delivering a fluid is disposed on at least one side of the laser beam, e) a device for transporting a thermally locally pretreated glass plate (3) into the region of a device for breaking the glass plate (3), f) a device for detecting a straight-line crack formation on the surface of a glass plate (3), g) a straight-lined breaking blade on the underside of the glass plate (3), which blade can be lifted on one side and/or both sides.

Method and apparatus for producing an elastically deformable glass plate
Application Number
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8939337 (B2)
Application Date
May 27, 2010
Publication Date
January 27, 2015
Bernhard Roell
Gregory M Lefkowitz
J Rodman Steele Jr
Duane Morris
Grenzebach Maschinenbau
C03B 33/037
C03B 33/033
C03B 33/03
C03B 33/09
B26F 3/06
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