08897215 is referenced by 131 patents and cites 954 patents.

It is provided a method for transmitting a wireless signal on Ethernet wiring The wireless signal is received in a hub unit for delivery to a remote unit In the hub unit the wireless signal is down converted to a down-converted frequency band for propagation on the Ethernet wiring A reference signal associated with a local oscillator used for the down conversion is embedded on a synchronous Ethernet stream that may include Ethernet data received at hub unit The synchronous Ethernet stream and the down converted wireless signal are submitted through the Ethernet wiring to the remote unit. The synchronous Ethernet stream may include data for management of electronic circuits installed in the remote unit, as well as a synchronization signal used thereof A converted replica of the first signal may be included in digital form in frames of the synchronous Ethernet stream.

Communication system using cables carrying ethernet signals
Application Number
Publication Number
8897215 (B2)
Application Date
February 7, 2010
Publication Date
November 25, 2014
Ami Hazani
Ofer Saban
Moshav Kidron
Isaac Shapira
Petach Tikva
Corning Optical Communications Wireless
H04L 12/413
H04W 4/00
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