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A hydroelectric turbine for the production of electricity from tidal flow forces, the turbine having a rotor with an open center such that the blades are mounted between an inner rim and outer rim, wherein retaining members and anti-friction members are provided to limit movement of the rotor relative to the housing in either axial direction, such that water flow in either direction operates the turbine, but wherein the retaining members and the anti-friction members allow the rotor to shift in either axial direction in response to water flow. The anti-friction members limiting rotor travel in the axial direction are preferably of increased thickness, such that as the anti-friction members wear down, the rotor is able to shift relative to the housing in the axial direction.

Tidal flow hydroelectric turbine
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8864439 (B2)
Application Date
July 13, 2007
Publication Date
October 21, 2014
Herbert Williams
East Palatka
Gardner Linn Burkhart & Flory
OpenHydro IP
F03B 13/10
F16C 32/04
F16C 17/14
F03B 13/26
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