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The invention provides systems and methods of authenticating a customer device, in conjunction with a requested interaction, the customer device associated with a customer, the method performed by an authentication entity processing portion in the form of a tangibly embodied computer. The method may include receiving data from the customer device, the data related to a requested interaction of the customer device with the authentication entity processing portion, the authentication entity processing portion maintained by an authentication entity; inputting a device attribute, from the customer device, that constitutes an observed device attribute; securing a determined device attribute; performing an authentication test including comparing the observed device attribute vis-à-vis the determined device attribute; and based on the comparing, determining whether the authentication test is passed, and (i) outputting approval of the requested interaction and a new device attribute to the customer device, if the authentication test is passed; and (ii) outputting disapproval of the requested interaction, if the authentication test is not passed.

Systems and methods for performing authentication of a customer interacting with a banking platform
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8818906 (B1)
Application Date
October 5, 2010
Publication Date
August 26, 2014
Stanley A Szwalbenest
Hunton & Williams
JPMorgan Chase Bank N A
G06Q 20/00
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