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A method of filtering solids from a liquid suspension comprising providing a pressure differential across the walls of permeable, hollow membranes (5) immersed in the liquid suspension contained in a vessel (8), the liquid suspension being applied to the outer surface of the porous hollow membrane (5) to induce and sustain filtration through the membrane walls. Some of the liquid suspension passes through the walls of the membranes (5) to be drawn off as permeate from the hollow membrane lumens, and at least some of the solids are retained on or in the hollow membranes or otherwise as suspended solids within the liquid surrounding the membranes (5). The method includes the steps of suspending the flow of the liquid suspension to the vessel (8); reducing the volume of liquid suspension within the vessel (8); suspending the filtration process; cleaning the membranes (5) by dislodging at least some of the solids retained on or in the membranes (5); and removing the liquid containing dislodged solids from the vessel (8).

Reduction of backwash liquid waste
Application Number
Publication Number
8790515 (B2)
Application Date
September 7, 2005
Publication Date
July 29, 2014
Zhiyi Cao
Fufang Zha
West Ryde
Evoqua Water Technologies
C02F 1/44
B01D 65/02
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