08758067 is referenced by 45 patents and cites 286 patents.

A electrical interconnect adapted to provide an interface between contact pads on an IC device and a PCB. The electrical interconnect includes a multi-layered substrate with a first surface with a plurality of first openings having first cross-sections, a second surface with a plurality of second openings having second cross-sections, and center openings connecting the first and second openings. The center openings include at least one cross-section greater than the first and second cross-sections. A plurality of spring probe contact members are located in the center openings. The contact members include first contact tips extending through the first opening and above the first surface, second contact tips extending through the second openings and above the second surface, and center portions located in the center openings. The center portions include a shape adapted to bias the first and second contact tips toward the IC device and PCB, respectively. A dielectric material different from the material of the substrate is located in at least one of the first opening, the second opening, or the center opening.

Selective metalization of electrical connector or socket housing
Application Number
Publication Number
8758067 (B2)
Application Date
March 6, 2012
Publication Date
June 24, 2014
James Rathburn
Stoel Rives
Hsio Technologies
H01R 13/24
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