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A nursing bottle (1) formed of a large volume container, incorporating a vent tube (3) that extends inwardly of the container, having a vent port (4) arranged approximately at the volumetric midpoint (12) of the container, so as to allow for venting of pressure, whether of excessive or vacuum, to the atmosphere, at all times. The volumetric capacity of the nursing bottle container may be formed of a spherical shape (1), hemispherical shape (40), cylindrical shape (18), or to other configurations that provide for the internal volumetric capacity so that any formula placed therein will be prevented from blocking the vent port (4), the vent tube (3), regardless of the angular disposition undertaken by the nursing bottle during usage. The vent tube (10), with its disposed vent port (12), may either extend upwardly within the container, or extend downwardly (3) from its connection with the vent insert (7), operatively associated with a collar (6), that holds both the vent structures and the nipple (5) to the wide rimmed opening (19) for these type containers. In addition, as an alternative, the vent tube may be integrally formed, or connected by a flange, through the surface of the nursing bottle container, either at its bottom (14), or along a side (74), and either extend upwardly, or obliquely radially inwardly (82), so as to dispose its vent port (84) at that desired location approximately at the volumetric midpoint of the nursing bottle.

Fully vented wide rim nursing bottle
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8757406 (B2)
Application Date
October 22, 2010
Publication Date
June 24, 2014
Robert J Brown
Craig E Brown
Mt. Zion
Paul M Denk
New Vent Designs
A61J 9/04
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