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A roofing apparatus including an enclosure for containing roofing materials is provided. The enclosure is defined by a front panel, a rear panel assembly positioned at a predetermined distance from the front panel, side panels positioned at opposing ends of the front panel, and a base panel having a tail area. The front panel, the rear panel assembly, and the side panels extend upwardly from the base panel. The tail area extends beyond the rear panel assembly for receiving runoff. The rear panel assembly directs the runoff from the tail area of the base panel into the enclosure. The front panel includes orifices for releasing the runoff to a downslope roofing apparatus or for draining the runoff from the roof. The roofing apparatus precludes slippage of the roofing materials contained within the enclosure, and uplift of the roofing materials from the enclosure due to environmental conditions.

Roofing apparatus
Application Number
Publication Number
8739497 (B2)
Application Date
September 1, 2012
Publication Date
June 3, 2014
Paul Duggan Meuser
San Francisco
Lipton Weinberger & Husick
Ash Tankha
E04F 17/00
E04B 1/70
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