08732168 is referenced by 8 patents and cites 282 patents.

A system and method are disclosed for controlling metadata associated with content on an electronic device that includes displaying interface screens for user entry of metadata control instructions, accepting user instructions, modifying metadata of applicable content, and associating the modified metadata with the applicable content. The system can export and/or store the applicable content along with modified metadata. The system can automatically modify metadata according to one or more profiles. Relevant profiles can be determined based on the export mechanism, destination or type of content. The system can add watermarks to indicate metadata modification. The system can display metadata for user modification. The content can include photos, videos or other content. The system can display metadata and geolocation indicators for each content item that indicate whether that item has associated metadata and geolocation information. The user can selectively modify metadata of selected content.

System and method for controlling and organizing metadata associated with on-line content
Application Number
Publication Number
8732168 (B2)
Application Date
July 25, 2012
Publication Date
May 20, 2014
Deacon Johnson
San Diego
Taft Stettinius & Hollister
Anthony P Filomena
G06F 17/30
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