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The present invention describes a portable resistance band exercise system used for training muscles, which may be used in a multi-planar workout routine, allowing various muscle groups to be exercised simultaneously. The user attaches each of one or more body attachment fasteners to one or more resistance bands, which are in turn attached to attachment points on a board. The attachment points are arranged in a semi-circular orientation on the board. The board may be used horizontally or upright, to permit a variety of exercises to be performed. Said exercise system also employs an ankle strap which has bumpers to cushion the user's shin and a foot strap to prevent the ankle strap from sliding up the user's lower leg.

Multi-planar resistance band exercise system
Application Number
Publication Number
8721507 (B2)
Application Date
April 13, 2011
Publication Date
May 13, 2014
Vaughan Martin Blancher
Clifford D Hyra
Symbus Law Group
A63B 21/00
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