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A pod adaptor assembly for use in combination with a single serve beverage brewer is provided. The assembly is especially designed for brewing pods in brewers configured for cup-shaped beverage extract cartridges. The assembly includes a receptacle and a cover configured to sealingly engage with the receptacle. The receptacle has a base with a raised portion which is adapted to provide a support surface for a pod. The base of the receptacle also provides an opening adapted to receive an upwardly extending puncture needle from the brewer in a manner such that the needle extends through the base and does not puncture the pod. The cover also has an opening that is adapted to receive a downwardly extending liquid injector probe from the brewer. In some implementations, spaced apart protrusions are arranged on the pod support surface thereby creating gaps to facilitate flow of brewed beverage. In other implementations, the assembly also includes a spring bias mechanism adapted to press the pod against the cover so as to create a tamping effect.

Pod adaptor system for single service beverage brewers
Application Number
Publication Number
8720320 (B1)
Application Date
July 13, 2007
Publication Date
May 13, 2014
Adrian Rivera
Las Vegas
IP Strategies
ARM Enterprises
A47J 31/06
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