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A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice. An output end attaches to any of a plurality of medical gas utilizing devices, but preferably with a dampening disperser held in position in the space in the vicinity of a patient's nose and mouth. An annular flange of the input end bushing resides within a central cylindrical bored out region extending through the first end and nearly to the second end of a rotatable connector forming an interior surface of a connector with threads coupling with the threads of the male outlet. The second end is an annular abutment against the annular flange holding the input end tubing bushing against the outlet source and providing an airtight coupling. A gripping means is on the exterior surface of the connector.

Universal medical gas delivery system
Application Number
Publication Number
8707950 (B1)
Application Date
August 4, 2010
Publication Date
April 29, 2014
Darren Rubin
Wesley Chapel
A62B 7/00
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