08696130 cites 33 patents.

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for a vehicle mounted display device which can be easily attached to a vehicle and is removable. The projector can conveniently be plugged into the trailer light power source to give the device power to project an image onto a vehicle. The projector may be digital allowing the owner to choose an image from inside the vehicle. A magnetic or adhesive screen may be placed on the vehicle to allow the image to function properly and effectively on dark paint or other finishes that prevent a clean image. The apparatus comprises an adjustable mounting unit, an adjustable arm, and a projector which can all be adjusted to provide an efficient angle to project the image onto the vehicle.

Apparatus, system, and method for vehicle mounted display device
Application Number
Publication Number
8696130 (B2)
Application Date
August 4, 2010
Publication Date
April 15, 2014
Trevor Seal
Kunzler Law Group
G03B 21/00
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