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Various methods, systems and apparatus for associating fictitious user identities (e.g. screen names, user names, handles, etc.) used in electronic communications (e.g. over the internet or mobile networks via instant messenger, e-mail, social networks, eCommerce and auction websites, etc.) with real personal information (e.g. the true identity of an individual such as their name, address, credit score, driving record, etc.) are disclosed. One apparatus, according to aspects of the present invention, may include means of associating real personal information, submitted by a user, with fictitious user identities, means of verifying the real personal information and the ownership of the real personal information by the submitting user, and means of receiving a request for some personal information associated with a fictitious user identity, from a remote user, abstracting a user's true identity from information associated with them.

Method and system for securing online identities
Application Number
Publication Number
8646103 (B2)
Application Date
June 30, 2008
Publication Date
February 4, 2014
Steven Rueben
Las Vegas
Gabriel Jakobson
Las Vegas
G06F 7/04
H04L 9/32
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