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The invention relates to a method for the synthesis of amino acids/esters of general formula NH2—(CH2)n—COOR in which n is an integer between 5 and 14, and R is either H or an alkyl radical including from 1 to 4 carbon atoms, from natural long-chain mono-unsaturated fatty acids or esters including at least 10 adjacent carbon atoms per molecule, said method comprising: first converting, if necessary, said natural long-chain fatty acid or ester into a monounsaturated fatty acid/ester of general formula R1—(CH2)m—CH═CH—(CH2)p—COOR in which R1 is H, CH3 or a COOR radical, m is an integer between 0 and 14 and p is an integer between 2 and 11, then submitting the latter to a crossed catalytic metathesis reaction with a compound of formula R2—CH═CH—R3 in which R2 is either H or CN and R3 is CN or CH2NH2, provided that if R2 is CN, R3 can be only CN, and finally converting the resulting product of the general formula R3—CH═CH—(CH2)p—COOR into an amino-acid, either by hydrogenation, or by hydrogenation of the triple terminal bond, or by amination of the double terminal bond.

Method for the synthesis of omega-amino-alkanoic acids
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8642792 (B2)
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February 15, 2008
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February 4, 2014
Jean Luc Dubois
Smith Gambrell & Russell
Arkema France
C07C 229/00
C07C 227/00
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