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A wireless access network is based on a two-tier access point (AP) structure to provide effective and efficient wireless communication into an individual home/office building. A first tier of the network utilizes “neighborhood” APs, relatively low power, and utilized to provide wireless communication with a “nanocell” boundary (e.g., 300-1000 feet). A second tier of the network utilizes a set of “network concatenation devices” (window bridge), with a separate network concatenation device at each permanent facility in the nanocell that houses wireless devices. The network concatenation device is attached to a window, for example, of a home in communication with the neighborhood AP. The network concatenation device functions as a bridge to couple to each of the wireless devices within the home. This communication is then relayed in an efficient manner between the network concatenation device and the neighborhood AP. By using a number of neighborhood APs, rather extensive wireless coverage can be obtained.

Two-tier wireless broadband access network
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8625547 (B1)
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March 9, 2006
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January 7, 2014
Robert Raymond Miller II
Convent Station
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