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A motorcycle dolly hitch assembly couples to a vehicle to tow a motorcycle. The assembly includes a hitch arm having a first end configured for coupling to a vehicle. A support sleeve is coupled to a second end of the hitch arm. A support member has a first arm and a second arm. The second arm is slidably inserted into the support sleeve. A cradle, configured for supporting a wheel of a motorcycle, is coupled to the first arm of the support member. A locking mechanism is mechanically coupled to the second arm of the support member and the support sleeve wherein a position of the support member is lockable into a static position relative to the support sleeve.

Motorcycle dolly hitch assembly
Application Number
Publication Number
8602437 (B1)
Application Date
October 11, 2012
Publication Date
December 10, 2013
Edward J Morris
San Antonio
B60R 9/10
B60P 3/07
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