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A touch sensor function-equipped display device includes: a first substrate that has a common electrode; a second substrate that is disposed to face the first substrate; a display unit that is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate; and a touch sensor that detects a touch position on a touch surface disposed on the first substrate side or the second substrate side. The second substrate includes: a plurality of data lines that are aligned in a row direction; a plurality of gate lines that are aligned in a column direction approximately perpendicular to the data lines; a plurality of pixel electrodes that are disposed in each pixel area that is surrounded by a pair of adjacent data lines and a pair of adjacent gate lines; a plurality of capacitance lines that form capacitance with each of the pixel electrodes therebetween; and a plurality of thin film transistors that are disposed for each of the plurality of pixel electrodes and are electrically connected to the pixel electrodes, the data lines, and the gate lines. The touch sensor includes an electric-potential rise rate detecting unit that detects a rise rate of an electric potential of each pixel area at the time of charging by applying a charge signal to the capacitance line and detects a position of the pixel area in which the rise rate of the electric potential detected by the electric-potential rise rate detecting unit is out of a predetermined range as the touch position.

Touch sensor function-equipped display device
Application Number
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8587554 (B2)
Application Date
March 2, 2010
Publication Date
November 19, 2013
Hiromi Saito
Yasushi Takano
Harness Dickey & Pierce
Seiko Epson Corporation
G06F 3/045
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