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A vertical axis turbine and method of making same is disclosed. The device and method comprise a plurality of blades rotatably disposed around an axis of rotation at a plurality of blade locations, each blade being twisted at a first angle about its longitudinal axis, each blade having its distal ends located a predetermined distance from the axis of rotation, each blade being bent at one or more central locations along the longitudinal axis so the one or more central locations are the same predetermined distance from the axis of rotation as the distal ends, each blade having a foil cross section perpendicular to the axis of rotation for maintaining unidirectional rotation of that blade about the axis of rotation in a fluid flow, and each blade having its longitudinal axis tilted at a second angle with respect to the axis of rotation.

Method of making a turbine
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8522435 (B2)
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November 22, 2011
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September 3, 2013
Nicolas W Sassow
Baker Botts L
Seab Energy
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