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Concepts for increasing brightness and uniformity and providing dimming for LED-illuminated signs and display are disclosed. Substantial increase in brightness is achieved via reducing the distance between LED modules and the sign or display they illuminate by placing the LEDs on a raised grid platform constructed with a plurality of intersecting plates. Whenever two plates intersect, a “grid-node” is formed, creating a plurality of intersections and grid nodes in a two-dimensional array. On each grid-node, two distinct and electrically isolated LED sub-modules are placed. By connecting all LED sub-modules parallel to one dimension (e.g., X-axis) in one series, and all LED sub-modules parallel to the other dimension (e.g., Y-axis) in another series, two electrically isolated LED series are created. Lighting up both series provide maximum brightness and good uniformity; lighting up only one series allows dimming for illuminated signs or displays without any drive current adjustment.

Efficient, uniform, and dimmable sign or display illumination methods using overlapped LED modules on a raised grid platform
Application Number
Publication Number
8506119 (B2)
Application Date
January 28, 2010
Publication Date
August 13, 2013
Mujibun Nisa Khan
Colts Neck
F21V 21/00
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