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Edge stiffened corrugated polymeric sheet material can be utilized as storm panels for mounting about a perimeter surface of an opening so as to protect the opening from wind and impact loads. The panels can include a corrugated sheet material having a corrugated contiguous band horizontally extending at about an end of the top and the bottom, wherein the corrugated contiguous band is complementary and contiguous to the plurality of corrugations of the corrugated sheet panel. The complementary and contiguous corrugated band can be configured to sandwich the sheet material. The panel may also include, individually or in combination, a contiguous band sandwiching the polymeric sheet material at a terminal end of each side and extending vertically from the top to the bottom. The panels provide wind and impact load protection for the opening.

Edge stiffened polymeric corrugated sheet material
Application Number
Publication Number
8475910 (B2)
Application Date
September 29, 2010
Publication Date
July 2, 2013
Chinniah Thiagarajan
Cantor Colburn
Sabic Innovative Plastics IP
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E06B 3/00
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