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A system and method for wireless waking computing devices over a computer network is provided. A signal is broadcast over the network that includes one or more device specific wake-up data sequences. Each device specific wake-up data sequence includes multiple iterations of the hardware address of the wireless network card associated with that device. While in a reduced power or “sleep mode”, the wireless network card monitors wireless channels for packets containing a wake-up data sequence. If a wake-up data sequence is received, the sequence is matched against the hardware address information for that network card. If a match is determined, the network card sends a signal to the computing device causing full system power to be restored. A signal is sent to the network confirming that the device has been successfully woken from the sleep mode.

Systems and methods for waking wireless LAN devices
Application Number
Publication Number
8452998 (B2)
Application Date
January 30, 2012
Publication Date
May 28, 2013
Michael Paljug
Palm Bay
Intellectual Ventures I
G06F 1/00
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