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An apparatus, method, and system for supplementing an aerobic-treated supply of water in an aerobic sewer pump tank using water from a separate source, the apparatus including an electronic controller device to control the occurrence of injection of water from a separate source at a first predetermined time and for a predetermined length of time. A valve member is in electrical controlling communication with the electronic controller device. An inlet connection member is disposed on one end of the control valve. A conduit member has one end disposed on the other opening end of the control valve. The conduit member further includes a flow redirection member. The flow redirection member injects the separate source water into the receiving orifice of a normally closed trap sealer. The trap sealer deposits the separate source water into the pump tank. A housing member positions the conduit member and the trap sealer. The trap sealer and conduit member are positioned and arranged to prevent liquid flow from the trap sealer to the conduit member. An overflow sensor is arranged and configured to be capable of preventing actuation of the control valve into an open state if the pump tank is filled to a predetermined level.

Aerobic irrigation controller
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8408840 (B2)
Application Date
August 31, 2010
Publication Date
April 2, 2013
Dennis Dillard
Arnold Knobloch & Saunders L
Charles Knobloch
A01G 25/00
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