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A distributed electric generation system having a plurality of wind turbine generators for converting wind energy into low voltage AC electric power, wherein each of the wind turbine generators has a wind rotor having a vertical axis of rotation which rotates in response to the wind, a rotatable shaft driven by said wind rotor, and an electric generator connected to the rotating drive shaft for generating low voltage AC electric power in response to the rotation of the wind rotor by the wind. The generation system also includes a plurality of pole mounting assemblies for mounting each of the plurality of wind turbine generators on a plurality of poles within the existing right of way of an electrical distribution system of an electric power grid; and a plurality of transformers electrically connecting the electric generators with the electrical distribution system for transforming the low voltage electric power generated by the electric generators into medium voltage AC electric power that is compatible with the existing electrical distribution system.

Distributed wind turbine electric generation system
Application Number
Publication Number
8362641 (B2)
Application Date
February 28, 2009
Publication Date
January 29, 2013
Charles Rex Gandy
Terry M Keys
Matheson Keys Garsson & Kordzik PLLC
Independence Wind Power
H02J 3/00
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