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An agricultural implement for tilling at least a strip of soil to be planted includes a tillage device for penetrating and tilling a strip of soil and displacing soil and residue upwardly, the tillage device including at least one coulter wheel mounted for rotation about a first axis of rotation and positioned at least in part below the soil, when tilling the strip of soil, such that the coulter wheel is able to cut a slit in the soil, and a depth control device laterally offset from the centerline of the strip of soil and mounted for rotation about a second axis of rotation located rearwardly of the trailing end of the tillage device. The depth control device is positioned to intercept soil and residue displaced upwardly by the tillage device. Multiple tines made of a polymeric material are mounted on the depth control device, extending laterally away from only one side of the depth control device toward the centerline to intercept a portion of the soil and residue displaced upwardly by the tillage device.

Agricultural tillage device
Application Number
Publication Number
8359988 (B2)
Application Date
October 28, 2010
Publication Date
January 29, 2013
Joseph D Bassett
Nixon Peabody
Dawn Equipment Company
A01B 49/04
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